Afinia DLF-140S Digital Label Finisher

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The Afinia DLF-140S Digital Label Finisher is a compact, tabletop all-in-one plotter-style label finishing system that can convert labels into finished rolls, ready for application without the need for physical dies. Afinia’s DLF-140S can unwind, laminate, digitally contour cut, remove waste material, slit and rewind in one simple process to create professionally finished labels. This offline digital label finishing solution is perfect for on-demand, short-run label finishing for labels printed using digital color label printers.

Reduce Inventory Costs & Requirements

The DLF Digital Label Finisher Series (including the other compact Afinia DLF-220S and full-size Afinia DLF-220L Digital Label Finishers) enables your company to produce short-run labels in house, reducing inventory requirements and their associated costs. Enjoy additional savings by eliminating pre-cut label rolls and minimum gap requirements when printing full-bleed labels. Cut paths can be varied as often as desired, giving users the flexibility to create any label shape, on the fly. Print shops benefit from using the Afinia DLF-140S by offloading short runs from larger, more expensive equipment, thus adding the capability to produce labels in house for faster turnaround, better quality control and more profitability on lower-volume label runs.

Precision Plotter Cutting Technology

Featuring ultra-precise cutting abilities, the compact Afinia DLF-140S can cut various types of label material to any shape you wish to design from a digital file without the additional cost of dies. The DLF-140S is also equipped with a cutter management tool and optical black-mark registration sensor that provides cutting speed optimization without synchronization issues.

Key Features

  • Tabletop consolidated form factor
  • Ideal for proofing & short runs
  • Plotter-cut from a digital file (no dies required)
  • Maximum cut speed of up to 24 inches per second (600 mm/s) in all directions
  • Spacious media path ranging from 4.33″ (110 mm) to 8.86″ (or 225 mm)
  • Accepts rolls of blank media up to 9.84″ (250 mm)
  • Easily cut any label shape
    • Maximum cutting width: up to 7.87″ (200 mm)
    • Minimum / Maximum label cutting length: 0.39″ (10 mm) / 11.8″ (300 mm)
Mini Tabletop Label Finisher Series - Digital plotter-style label cutting and finishing

What’s in the Box

  • Afinia DLF-140S Digital Label Finisher
  • Eyemark Software
  • One Cutting Blade & Holder
  • One Extra Teflon Cutting Strip
  • Two Back Slitter Wheels
  • One Slitter Holder with Blades
  • Two hours of live web-based user training from Afinia Label
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Afinia Label

Cutting Method

Plotter-Style (Digital)

Maximum Cutting Speed

24 inches per second or 600 mm/s (in all directions)

Linear Finishing Speed


Maximum Blank Label Roll Size (Outside Diameter)

7.87" (200 mm)

Maximum Blank Label Roll Length (Linear)

~500 feet (~152.4 m)

Minimum Blank Label Roll Width (Including Liner)

3.94" (100 mm)

Maximum Blank Label Roll Width (Including Liner)

5.51" (140 mm)

Minimum Blank Label Thickness (Including Liner)


Maximum Blank Label Thickness (Including Liner)

0.0098" or 10 mil (0.25 mm)

Freestanding Cart or Tabletop


Maximum Cutting Width

4.80" (122 mm)

Minimum Cutting Length

0.39" (10 mm)

Maximum Cutting Length

11.8" (300 mm)

Cutting Die Size


Die Head Lateral Adjustment


Supported Laminate Type(s)

Self-Wound Laminate

Maximum Laminate Roll Size (Outside Diameter)

7.87" (200 mm)

Maximum Waste Matrix Rewind Roll Size (Outside Diameter)

7.87" (200 mm)

Maximum Finished Label Rewind Roll Size (Outside Diameter)

7.87" (200 mm)

Black Mark/Timing Mark Registration Sensor


Registration Mark/Black Mark/Timing Mark Size

0.16" x 0.16" (4 mm x 4 mm)

Core Diameter

3" (76.2 mm)

Back Slitters

2 (Allows slitting trim to rewind with matrix waste)

Number of Slitting Blades

Up to 6

Compatible Blank Label Substrates

Compatible with a wide range of different substrates such as paper, polyester and polypropylene (BOPP) label stocks (always check that a substrate is compatible before purchasing)

Feed Type


Connectivity Interface(s)


Operating Systems

Windows XP to Windows 11 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Rated Voltage

AC 100-240V, 240 watts


One-Year Depot Repair


Review manufacturer's brochure or user manual for complete product specifications.


The minimum label dimensions can be smaller but require different settings and testing before use. Please contact us for more details before purchasing any custom substrates for your printer.


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