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The Afinia L801 Plus Color Label Printer is an industrial web-fed inkjet solution featuring Memjet™ technology and Watershield™. The Afinia L801 Plus is essentially the same printer as the Afinia L801 but it is instead designed to use Memjet’s newly formulated “Niagara” ink (also known as VersaPass N ink), which dramatically increases its resistance to water, moisture and ultra-violet light1. The Afinia L801 Plus is easy to use (does not require a skilled operator), has an integrated internal unwinder, works well with industry-standard label design software, and is available with an optional rewinder. The L801 Plus is compatible with a wide range of paper, polyester, polypropylene, and vinyl label stocks from major vendors.

Receive a $500 discount when you purchase $500+ of blank labels with the purchase of an Afinia L801 Plus Color Label Printer. This discount is automatically applied to your cart once these conditions are met.

Watershield™ for UV & Water-Resistant Labels

Watershield-printed labels are significantly more resistant to the effects of prolonged moisture exposure than conventional dye-based inkjet-printed labels. This makes the L801 Plus perfect for short-run and medium-run label print jobs used for applications such as chilled beverages, refrigerated or frozen foods, chemical or pharmaceutical products. This new ink technology by Memjet™ also produces deeper blacks, has a wider color gamut, uses more responsibly-sourced inks2, and also helps to prolong the life of the printhead3.

View the Watershield™ Data Sheet for more information on Watershield™ and Memjet’s new VersaPass N ink formula featured in Afinia’s “Plus” Label Printer models.

Memjet™ Color Label Printer

The Afinia L801 Plus Color Label Printer is a Memjet™-powered digital label printer allowing you to print high-quality, full-color, UV- and water-resistant prime labels at speeds of up to 60 feet per minute (18 meters per minute). Memjet’s stationary “Waterfall” printhead technology allows paper to move quickly through the printer, while maintaining high-definition print resolution.

High Quality & Resolution

Using the Afinia L801 Plus Color Label Printer, you can print at up to 1600 x 1600 dpi for vivid, eye-catching labels – perfect for capturing a customer’s attention on a store shelf, and fine enough to print small fonts on the back of nutrition labels. By using CMYKK, the L801 Plus Label Printer offers exceptional color and rich blacks, giving you the ability to print with better contrast.

Optional Rewinder

The Afinia L801 Plus Optional Label Rewinder makes managing your labels easy and allows you to conveniently rewind your labels right onto a 3-inch core. It is a recommended addition for companies that experience high usage, heavy duty jobs and/or require an applicator to apply labels to products.

The rewinder also gives you the ability to choose the direction of rotation – to situate labels to where they either face in or face out. Once rewinding is complete, simply remove the core holder and completed roll.

In some cases, users may require a larger roll of labels. While it is generally recommended to upgrade to the Afinia L901 Plus Label Printer, users can optionally add the Afinia XL Unwinder* (*requires modification to the rear media cover) to the L801 Plus Label Printer which allows users to print on label rolls with up to 10.0″ outside diameter. For reference, depending on the thickness of the label material, a roll with an outside diameter of 8.0 inches is equal to roughly 500 linear feet, whereas a roll with an outside diameter of 10.0 inches is equal to roughly 850 linear feet.

Low Cost of Ownership

Afinia’s digital label printers that feature Memjet™ Printing Technology (such as the Afinia L801 Plus) allow you to save on consumables. The total ink capacity that the Afinia L801 Plus can hold is 1.25 liters of Memjet™ ink which supports large runs, and offers an industry-leading low ink cost. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about exactly how much your company will save per label by printing your labels in house with an Afinia L801 Plus Label Printer.

Demo: L801 High Speed Color Label Printer from Afinia Label

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Important: This product is not eligible for return once the manufacturer’s original packaging has been opened, thus making it important that you review our return policy prior to purchasing. We recommend that all prospective buyers request free printed sample labels to ensure that the print quality of the labels printed by this printer meets their expectations. Products are still fully covered under the manufacturer’s warranty should there be an issue with the product itself.

1 Water resistance can be media-dependent. Always test your printed label to be sure it meets your requirements. Please contact us for sample printed labels using your artwork.
2 Watershield™ inks do not contain chemicals that are considered to be dangerous and/or harmful to humans or the environment.
3 Memjet™ tested ejection life internally and found an average above 2X printhead life. Actual results may vary due to factors such as environment and frequency of use.


Inkjet or Toner-Based


Print Technology

Memjet® Thermal Inkjet


Afinia Label

Print Speed

Up to 60 feet per minute (18.29 m/min)

Print Resolution

1600 x 1600 dpi (1600 dpi)

Maximum Print Width

8.5” (215.9 mm)

Print Engine

Memjet™ North Star


Memjet™ VersaPass Thermal Inkjet Printhead featuring Memjet™ Waterfall Printhead Technology® 11 Integrated Circuit (IC) Chips – 70,400 nozzles (6,400 per IC Chip)

Ink Type

Dye Ink

Ink Formula

Memjet™ VersaPass N Dye Ink (UV & Water-Resistant)

Ink Cartridges

(5) 250 mL CMYKK Dye Ink Cartridges (1.25 L total)



Prints Full-Bleed


Prints White


Feed Type




Core Diameter

3" (76.2 mm)

Maximum Blank Label Roll Size (Outside Diameter)

8.0" (203.2 mm)

Maximum Blank Label Roll Length (Linear)

~500 feet (~152.4 m)

Compatible Blank Label Substrates

Compatible with a wide range of plain and inkjet-receptive substrates such as paper, polyester and polypropylene (BOPP) label stocks (always check that a substrate is compatible before purchasing)

Blank Label Detection

Gap, Continuous, Black Mark/Timing Mark

Registration Mark/Black Mark/Timing Mark Size

3 mm wide & 25.4 mm long on left

Die-Cut Inter-Label Gap

0.125" – 0.3" (3.0 mm – 8.0 mm)

Minimum Blank Label Width (Including Liner)

2.0" (50.8 mm)**

Maximum Blank Label Width (Including Liner)

8.5" (215.9 mm)

Minimum Blank Label Length

2.0" (50.8 mm)**

Maximum Blank Label Length

40" (1016 mm)

Minimum Blank Label Thickness (Including Liner)

0.005" (0.13 mm)

Maximum Blank Label Thickness (Including Liner)

0.01" (0.3 mm)

Display Type

2.5" Monochromatic LCD

Connectivity Interface(s)

USB, Ethernet & GPIO (for external device control)

Operating Systems

Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Barcode Font

1D Barcode at least Grade B (Code39) with 10 mils bar width

Two-Dimensional Barcode

2D Barcode at least Grade B (PDF417) with 10 mils cell size

Operating Temperature

15°C – 35°C (59°F – 95°F)

Operating Humidity

20% – 80% Relative Humidity

Storage Temperature

-5°C – 50° C (23°F – 113°F)

Rated Voltage

AC 110V – 220V (Auto-Sensing)

Rated Frequency

50 – 60Hz


One-Year Depot Repair

Alternate Name or Part Number



Review manufacturer's brochure or user manual for complete product specifications.


The minimum label dimensions can be smaller but require different settings and testing before use. Please contact us for more details before purchasing any custom substrates for your printer.

5 reviews for Afinia L801 Plus Color Label Printer

  1. Jared R

    Fantastic print quality and couldn’t be happier with this purchase! I didn’t even know who Afinia or Memjet was until I started looking for a high quality/commercial label printer online. The labels look just as good (if not better) than the professionally printed labels we used to outsource. We only had one minor hiccup when setting it up the printer with our PC (which was our own fault) but Afinia Support and Texas Label were quick to offer assistance. Thanks!

  2. Neil C

    After doing exhaustive research, I’ve determined that the L801 Plus is by far the best color label printer available right now based on quality and speed. I chose Afinia over other label printer brands that also use Memjet print engines because Afinia offers the best value, and so far Afinia’s technical support has also been extremely helpful whenever I have needed assistance. I was also able to finance the printer using installment payments which made the decision to purchase this a lot easier.

  3. Maya M

    There was a shipping delay because of new years so we couldnt get it as fast as we wanted but we are otherwise very happy with this purchase .

  4. Alex F

    We replaced our Epson C7500 with an Afinia L801 PLUS and the L801 PLUS is a much better label printer in every way possible. Memjet -based label printers are the best quality label printers on the market. Highly recommended!

  5. Mark G

    Amazing label printer! The color, speed and quality exceeded my initial expectations. We now have waterproof labels that don’t require lamination. We are not saving quite a bit without having to worry about outsourcing our product labels. It is definitely worth the investment and we recommend it to any business that relies on labels.

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