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Texas Label Printers, LLC offers a large selection of blank labels, digital color label printing equipment, digital label finishers, and digital label presses from manufacturers such as Afinia Label, D.P.R. Labeling, Epson ColorWorks, and Zebra. Visit our products page to view our entire online product selection or contact us for more information if the product that you are searching for is not listed on our website at this time.

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Texas Label Printers, LLC is a value-added reseller and full-service distributor of short-run digital label printing equipment offering one of the largest selections of digital label printers in the United States. Texas Label Printers, LLC (TLP) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Millennium Office Systems, Inc., a Texas-based company that has been in the office equipment business since 2000.

TLP is proud to be a family-owned and operated company. While we call Texas home, TLP does not sell exclusively in Texas, we do business across the entire United States. In fact, the majority of our customers reside outside of the state of Texas. Texas Label Printers has established itself as one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, and is one of the largest, full-service digital color label printer and blank label distributors in America. We carry what we believe to be the best blank label materials and the leading label printing equipment in the industry. In addition, we offer efficient order fulfillment and an easy-to-navigate website for a streamlined customer experience. Read our About Us page for more information about our company.

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Learn how digital label printers have helped companies like yours in the following testimonial videos. Also, be sure to look at our label printing applications by industry page as well as Afinia Label’s case studies which cover a diverse and growing number of businesses.

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Why Digital Printing?

Over the past few years, digital printing has become a game-changer in the color label industry, especially concerning digital label printers and digital packaging printers. Advancements in digital printing technology have given rise to specialty color label printing equipment capable of printing rolls of labels as well as the ability to print on other objects such as corrugated packaging materials. Commercial color label printers have taken several forms that cater to various niches: from compact desktop label printers that print on pre-cut media to specialty packaging printers, to complete inline label finishing systems such as digital label presses that laminate and cut using plotters or cylindrical dies.

Compared with traditional analog printing systems, digital printing improves on overall speed, print quality, design flexibility, and operating cost. For decades, custom labels and packaging products have been printed almost exclusively in large quantities with big, mechanical specialty printing presses such as flexographic presses. While these analog “flexo” presses are a great choice for large or “long-run” label or packaging printing, it has been historically cost-prohibitive to print small or “short-run” print jobs on flexographic presses due to the time and initial setup costs involved. Digital color label printers have even been designed to retrofit existing analog flexographic presses by converting them into high-speed hybrid digital flexographic presses, which has enabled print shops and label converters alike to take advantage of this flexible printing technology.

By enabling highly-efficient, full-color inkjet printing at the speed of production-level equipment, many businesses are now able to eliminate expensive inventory, long lead times, and shipping costs commonly associated with outsourcing from third-party label and packaging converters or print shops. Businesses can now affordably print full-color custom labels and packaging (such as corrugated boxes, folding cartons, bags, etc.) in-house and on-demand with variable data in both short runs and long runs — all for a low total cost of ownership. In fact, the ability to print labels and packaging at a significantly lower cost compared to outsourcing provides many businesses with the ability to achieve a quick return on investment (ROI).

Overall Speed & Setup Time

Traditional flexographic printing uses custom printing plates made of rubber or plastic that are rotated on a cylinder and coated with fast-drying ink for each color that is to be printed. These printing plates essentially act as a stamp for each individual color that is used in the image being printed. Before a single label, sticker, envelope, box, or any other packaging material can be printed with a traditional flexo press, the image or digital artwork file that is to be printed must be outputted to a film in order to create the flexographic printing plates. The plates are then loaded onto the press, the inks for each color are mixed together and the machine is then calibrated – all of which can take several hours to complete. Digital label printers eliminate this cumbersome setup process and thus allows for simple on-demand printing similar to what you would expect from your desktop printer in your office. With Texas Label Printers’ product offerings, you’ll be able to make this process even faster. Not only is our color label printing equipment top of the line when it comes to speed, but we also provide blank label rolls and other label printing accessories to make the process that much more efficient for our clients.

Design Flexibility

Perhaps the most significant advantage of printing digitally is flexibility. Unlike flexo presses which require new plates to be made anytime a change is needed, digital printers can change or update the print design by simply changing the artwork file. Flexographic presses can also only print one image per run unless the plates are changed, however, digital printers can print multiple images in sequence or side-by-side in a single run if needed. Moreover, digital printing truly excels when it comes to variable data printing, which allows for elements such as text, graphics, images and barcodes to be changed from one print to the next without stopping or slowing down the printing process. Whether you want to include consecutive numbers, different barcodes, serial numbers, names from a database, or other variations of the same label, label printing software combined with commercial color label printers from Texas Label Printers can handle variable data effortlessly.

High Print Quality

Regarding print quality, digital printing outputs at a much higher resolution with smoother gradations and halftones when compared to flexo. Currently, the highest resolution of the inkjet color label printing equipment that we offer is 1600 x 1600 DPI (dots per inch), which means they are capable of printing highly detailed images and very fine text when compared to the average multifunctional printer or copier. Digital printing also significantly outperforms flexo presses at printing bright, vivid color, photo-quality images, and subtle drop shadows in comparison to flexographic printing. Another print-quality advantage that our commercial color label printers have over flexographic printing is the ability to print artwork as a single image, whereas flexographic presses use plates to print images in multiple layers, which can cause registration issues as well as possible distortion due to the wrapping of plates around cylinders.

Low Operating Cost

Given that there are no plates to create, no film to output and minimal machine setup, fixed setup costs for digital color label printers are very low in comparison with flexographic printing presses, which is why printing short runs with digital printers has become so attractive. Two other costly drawbacks of flexo presses are the hours it takes for the initial setup as well as the fact that it requires a trained employee to operate the machine. Fortunately, the digital label printers from Texas Label Printers can be very easy to operate and in many cases are as simple to use as printing to a typical desktop printer.

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