Case Study: California Label Products

Industry: Commercial Printer | Location: Los Angeles, CA

The Label Situation

California Label is a flexo print shop that specializes in printing variable data tags. They were originally printing tags in two runs (one run to print the tags and a second run to print the variable data) and wanted to eliminate one run by using a digital label press (Afinia DLP-2000 Mini Digital Label Press – which has recently been replaced with the Afinia DLP-2100 Digital Label Press) and variable data software (Wasatch SoftRIP) to print in a single pass.

Solution Requirements

  • Eliminate inventory of pre-printed stickers for clients
  • Create client-branded variable data tags in one pass
  • Convert to a digital press
Afinia Label Testimonial from California Label Products: L801 High-Speed Color Label Printer

“We used to reprint lots of flexo stock. It was expensive to inventory branded stickers for our customers and then run them, a second time, through a thermal printer to add variable information. The L801 can accomplish those tasks and it has virtually eliminated the need to inventory hundreds of thousands of labels. That expense is gone. Now we only stock blank tags and labels.”

Nicolas Garcia, Vice President of Operations — California Label Products

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The Memjet™-Powered Solution

The Afinia Label DLP-2000 Mini Digital Label Press (which has recently been replaced with the Afinia DLP-2100 Digital Label Press) and Wasatch SoftRIP software delivered exactly what California Label Products required by eliminating the need for plates and creating variable data tags in one run instead of two.

Return on Investment

With full-color label print jobs, there is no longer a need for California Label Products to make plates, nor do they need to print in multiple runs with print jobs that require variable data. What’s even more impressive is that they have managed to do all of this with savings of up to 50%.

Before Memjet™
They had to inventory large amounts of pre-printed labels for their customers.
After Memjet™
No client-specific inventory is required. They only inventory blank label stock.
Before Memjet™
They would run client-branded labels on their flexo machines and run them through again to add variable data.
After Memjet™
Now, the entire process can be accomplished in one pass.
Before Memjet™
A flexo press would have to be set up by a pressman and labels printed.
After Memjet™
An office worker can print the labels on the Afinia L801 with minimal setup and substrate waste.

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