Case Study: NPA Coatings

Industry: Chemical | Location: Cleveland, OH

Print GHS Drum Labels

The GHS Label Situation

NPA Coatings needed a digital label printer that would assist them to comply with Global Harmonization System (GHS) requirements for their GHS labels. They have almost 100 products, 6 different container sizes, and need to print between 80,000 to 100,000 labels per year. This volume of labels made it easy to cost-justify the investment.

The Memjet™-Powered Solution

After having an in-house demonstration of a digital label printer by a different manufacturer, they discovered Afinia Label, and decided to instead purchase two Memjet™-powered Afinia L801 GHS digital label printers for their two plants because of their ease of use and ease of maintenance. They also liked the way the L801’s grey and black case blended-in with the interior design of their office, as opposed to the other manufacturer’s label printer.


Because of the large number of GHS labels produced in short periods of time, they have reduced their label versions to one size. The L801 is digital, so it’s very easy to make changes to label designs. Now their labels are GHS-compliant.

Time Savings

They replaced their thermal printers with the Afinia Label L801, which is up to 20 times faster.

Return on Investment

NPA Coatings experienced a savings of approximately 30% when compared to the cost of maintaining all of the thermal printers that they previously used. Their ROI justified a budgeted purchase of a third Afinia Label L801 in 2016.

Before Memjet™
Long waits for thermal printers to produce non-GHS-compliant labels.
After Memjet™
Compliant labels are ready in just minutes.
Before Memjet™
Labels were not GHS-compliant.
After Memjet™
Labels are now GHS-compliant.
Before Memjet™
NPA Coatings had multiple sizes of labels, which slowed production due to having to wait for label stock to be changed.
After Memjet™
The 8.5″ width allowed them to standardize on one label size for all containers.
Before Memjet™
NPA Coatings had to pay for changing print heads plus preventative maintenance, however slight the change.
After Memjet™
They can perform all of their own preventative maintenance.

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