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Creating Nutrition Fact Labels for Your Products

Nutrition Facts Label

When you are producing any kind of food product, you will always need to be sure that you have a properly designed nutrition fact label. The nutrition facts are some of the most important information on a food package label. The accuracy and clarity of this information will have a lasting impact on how your product sells. Learn about creating nutrition fact labels for your products by reading below.

Gather All the Nutrition Information

One of the first things to do to create an accurate nutrition label for your product is to ensure all the nutrition information is correct. One way to do this is through lab testing or using a nutritional database to properly determine the nutritional content of the product. A nutritional database is useful if you are looking to gather the information yourself. These databases allow you to enter specific ingredients along with the serving size to calculate the nutritional facts. Lab testing will be more expensive, but it is a sure way to ensure all the information you need is accurate. These resources will provide information based on the nutrition facts of the ingredients and the percentage being used. Foods that are coated, salted, or fried have a greater nutritional complexity. Therefore, if you’re dealing with any of these items, you’re better off using lab testing.

Follow FDA Regulations

When you are making a nutrition label for any food product, you are going to notice that there are many details you must include in the information for legal reasons. These are the rules of the FDA, which mandates that all food products must make clear which ingredients and allergens are present in a food product. The FDA doesn’t test every product’s nutrition, though. It mainly regulates that the label displays the nutritional facts clearly and in the correct format. It is always in your company’s best interest to make sure your nutrition fact label is laid out as flawlessly as possible. This means that your nutritional statements are completely correct, as well. Any mistakes in this can lead to product recalls, negative publicity, and serious fines. You can also hire a label consultant that’s FDA-approved to ensure you haven’t missed anything and double-check that your information looks accurate.

Designing and Printing Your Label

This should be the final step when you’re creating nutrition fact labels for your products. A good tip for designing your label without making any big mistakes is to hire a designer who already has experience creating food labels. Aside from knowing everything that needs to appear legally, they’ll also know how to make the label look appealing so the product sells better. They’ll also make sure the design is suitable for high-quality printing.

Being able to print your labels in-house can make it easier to alter the design and make corrections as needed. If you would like to begin printing in-house, Texas Label Printers offers the Afina color label printer and other quality printing equipment to ensure that you get the finest final product.