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6 Tips for Using Stickers and Labels for Branding

6 Tips for Using Stickers and Labels for Branding

When your business is building brand recognition, creating high-quality labels for products will be essential. Customers engage with products that provide legible and creative labels that speak to their needs as a consumer. This blog will share our six tips for using stickers and labels for branding to help build your business.

Tip One: Use the Correct Type of Label for Your Product

Before designing and printing a label or sticker, it’s important to remember that not all product labels are the same. For example, products that require large amounts of text and medical information will most likely need fold-out labels since these stickers can optimize space best for text.

Tip Two: Use Eye-Catching Colors

When customers shop around their local markets, they are bombarded with different competitor products.

Products stickers and labels can be used as a tool to add bright and attention-grabbing colors to your products. Although colors may seem significant to your packaging, they can distinguish your packaging from other brands and build recognition over time.

Tip Three: Include Unique Label Art and Illustrations

Apart from choosing eye-catching colors, companies can use customized label art and illustrations to represent their brands and build recognition among customers. Since customers are most likely to quickly scan past shelves with their eyes, creating a unique and thoughtful image at the front of your product packaging could be vital to attaining customer attention.

Tip Four: Include Company Campaigns

Businesses can also include company campaigns on their product labels to increase customer interactions. For example, suppose a company advertises a campaign to encourage customers to complete online product satisfaction surveys for a chance to win prizes. In that case, customers are more likely to buy and try products to compete in the games.

Tip Five: Consider Label and Sticker Placement

Although the placement of your labels may seem intuitive, many businesses don’t optimize the space on their product packaging correctly. Always ensure that you place labels on the front of products with clear and legible fonts that make spotting the product name and brand image convenient.

Tip Six: Include Testimonials

Before customers buy a product, they want to know if it works. One way to reassure your customers and give them the confidence to trust your brand is to include testimonials on labels and stickers.

These testimonials can feature the direct words of past customers who have had satisfactory experiences with your business.

Labels and stickers are essential to any brand’s marketing strategy. Follow these six tips for using stickers and labels for branding to optimize the use of these tools. Here at Texas Label Printers, we offer endless printing supplies to help your business print influential labels and stickers for products. Whether you need inkjet label rolls for printing, roll rewinders, or other printing supplies, our website has an endless selection.