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Benefits of Using Customized Shipping Labels

Benefits of Using Customized Shipping Labels

Shipping labels play a vital role in modern businesses and industries worldwide. These tags are what make it possible for packages to be shipped all over without the risk of getting lost and not making it to the proper customer. When it comes to shipping labels, there are two types of manufacturing methods. There are standard shipping labels that can be mass-produced with one particular look to them. Then there are customized shipping labels that can be manufactured for specific companies. These might sound like an unnecessary hassle; however, it is important to understand that standard shipping labels do not always meet the needs of many suppliers. Companies can face many disadvantages by relying solely on standard labels. There will be factors to consider like budget, the overall image of your company, practicality, and the quality of your labels. Although there is a range of issues with using standard shipping labels, a very simple solution is available: the use of the customized shipping labels. Believe it or not, customized labels carry many advantages over standard ones. Learn all about them here with our list of the top benefits of using customized shipping labels.

A Professional Image for the Company

Customized Color Shipping Label
Many standard shipping labels can get easily scuffed or damaged and be hard to read. They are mass-produced, which means they are made from much cheaper, less durable material. A lot of times they come out poorly printed. There may be a need to economize, especially if you are a small business, but don’t cut back by printing standard labels out of the basic office printer. It will not help your business to make it obvious that you’re on a very low budget. Your business will look far more professional, starting with the use of customized labels. Custom labels are made from higher-quality materials. Also, custom labels will be printed professionally from high-quality printers, such as the Epson Color Label Printer and similar models. Customers will notice these details and associate the quality they see in your label with your company. Something as simple as having a high-quality, appealing-looking label can be a deciding factor for a customer to continue choosing your company for service. Attention to small details like your shipping labels will show your customers the seriousness and quality of your business. And perhaps more important, a low-quality label may not even adhere properly to product packaging while in transit. The cost of tracking down lost shipments will intensify, not only in terms of money but in terms of customer dissatisfaction as well.

Customized Labels Save Money

This is one of the majorly overlooked benefits of using customized shipping labels. It might come as a surprise that customized labels are less expensive than standard ones. Standard labels can be less expensive, that is, if the company is doing low-volume shipping. As a producer and supplier, volumes will be much larger, and the label printing costs will stack up. On top of those costs, managers will need to figure in the expense of printing ink and toner to print them in house. Why waste this kind of money on standard shipping labels of poor quality or that look cheap? Also, the costs will certainly affect the company if it is determined to expand one day. While having to budget for larger spaces, more necessary equipment, and more employees, it will not be in the company’s best interest to be losing money on shipping labels. As mentioned before, with increased shipment volumes will be a need for increased numbers of labels printed. Expanding will definitely come with increased shipment volumes. Therefore, it will be imperative to utilize the option of custom shipping labels.

Practicality for the Company

There are many ways that choosing to use custom shipping labels will make things more practical for the business. Custom labels can be designed to look however you need them to look. This makes it easy to create labels that will suit the company image, in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Information about the company and product can also be added to the label to communicate further with the customer. Having custom labels printed also saves your business heavily on time. A lot of productivity can be lost in the work environment by having to spend time printing basic shipping labels yourself. It also takes longer to print out all the labels needed for high-volume orders. It will help your company tremendously to have this burden taken off your hands so you can focus on the more important aspects like producing and manufacturing. Another practical aspect of using customized shipping labels is that the number of labels being printed can be adjusted to match the number of items per shipment. Standard shipping labels are always produced in even numbers to match shipments with even numbers of boxes. You might find that you have shipments of odd numbers. In order to solve this issue, label manufacturers made it so the printing of customized labels can be adjusted to be produced at that odd number, unlike standard labels. Manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors are generally met with unique and specific shipping requirements, and custom shipping labels have been designed for meeting those requirements. One more issue that customized labels can remedy and make more practical is that the shipping information and the packing list can be printed on one label. Using standard labels would require two separate labels. Since they would be created as one label, the packing list will be prevented from getting folded up or damaged.

Better Quality Labels Make Better Business

Custom shipping labels can be produced from a variety of specific materials. This type of manufacturing makes it possible to produce labels that are harder to damage and are protected from environmental factors. These labels can also be vital in helping your business establish a notable brand identity by showcasing a unique, creative logo. This transpires only through consistency. These labels will constantly appear in front of the customer, keeping the brand image in their mind, which helps brand recognition grow. Eventually, your business will have that chance to take root and expand. Poor-quality shipping labels may hinder your company’s ability to flourish and become what you’ve always wanted it to be.

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