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Common Mistakes to Avoid Making on Your Custom Labels

Common Mistakes to Avoid Making on Your Custom Labels

Designing the right custom labels can seem a bit tricky when you’re first learning what to consider during the process. While it’s not hard to cover the basics of what you’ll need to include in your label designs, there are many details that you could easily miss. Learn about the common mistakes to avoid making on your custom labels by reading below.

Not Having a Proper Container

It’s wisest to select your type of container or packaging before you even think of beginning your label design. Not only will choices like your label size and shape be impacted by the type of containment or packaging, but graphic details and cutting dies will be as well. If you fail to choose your containers first, you can end up with labels that are too large or too small, which will affect your package’s final look, ultimately leading you to spend more money printing replacement labels to correct such issues.

Not Having Artwork Professionally Designed

You’d be amazed by how many people choose to forgo the idea of quality artwork designed by a professional artist because they’re more concerned about saving money. You can save more money down the road by having your label professionally designed from the beginning. Professional artists are very knowledgeable about how to create a look that will work well with high-quality label printing. Trying to cheaply design a label in-house can give you a less effective label and can also lead you to spend more money on reprints and redesigns.

Choosing the Cheapest Label Material

There are so many different choices of label material available for all sorts of different applications. The cheapest label stock might seem like another good way to save money, but this is generally unwise. Not only will the final product’s performance likely not be up to your standards, but it will also give your product a much lower aesthetic value. Going with a higher quality stock will enhance your product packaging, complement the label’s artwork, and make for a more durable label.

Not Considering the Adhesive or Finish

When it comes to the common mistakes to avoid making on your custom labels, these two are huge. There are many types of adhesives to consider. First, consider the conditions your label will be subjected to. If the labels are going to be outdoors or in freezing or very hot conditions, you’ll want a stronger, more permanent adhesive. You might want to look at repositionable adhesives, however, if you’re concerned about labels not being applied straight or needing to be changed. Finishes will also affect durability and the label’s final aesthetic. For more protection, you might consider a laminate finish. For outdoor products, you might want a laminate designed with UV coating to protect from sun damage.

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