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How to Become a More Sustainable Printing Business

How To Become a More Sustainable Printing Business

If you own a printing business, you probably already know a fair amount of accumulated waste comes with it. Certain common practices in the industry simply aren’t sustainable. Consider changing your company to go green. Going green will help your company become more sustainable for the environment. There’s even the added benefit of saving money and working as a more organized company during the changes. If you’re looking to be a greener company, then read more about how to become a more sustainable printing business.

Avoid Petroleum-Based Inks

Most printing companies use traditional inks made from petroleum. The compounds are bad for the environment, though. Petroleum-based inks can even negatively affect your workers’ health if they’re around them for long periods of time. Consider switching to vegetable-based inks. Inks made from soy oil or corn oil are more common and cost-effective than vegetable-based inks.

Stay Organized

Disorganization in your printing company can often lead to errors. Printing errors are costly, wasting time and resources. Such mistakes are also bad for the environment. Luckily, you can eliminate wasteful production practices by using the right technology to get organized. Try on-demand printing or pre-made labels so you don’t have prints laying around, getting wrecked, or going to waste. A label printer rewinder is a good option; it stores your labels safely until they’re ready for use.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Another important part of how to become a more sustainable printing business is to improve energy efficiency as a whole. Install motion-activated lights in your warehouse or purchase LED or CFL light bulbs. Get as much use out of mechanical equipment as possible when they are turned on. Leaving them running unused or turning them on and off more than needed wastes energy. You should also consider environmentally friendly heating and air conditioning.

Use Eco-Friendly Paper

Some printing companies avoid recycled paper or other green alternatives to save money. While that may be true of the past, when those alternatives were very expensive, it no longer applies. Recycled paper is cheaper and more accessible now. There are other eco-friendly options like tree-free paper and paper that comes from a “carbon neutral” mill. Some examples of tree-free paper are those made from bamboo, straw, jute, and agricultural waste. You can also purchase paper from a carbon neutral company, like one that uses wind energy to run their machines.