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How To Correctly Label Cosmetics

How To Correctly Label Cosmetics

With all the competition in the current age of the cosmetic industry, it is important to have the most attractive packing you can possibly get. A good label is dependent on a well-designed layout. This involves knowing the various requirements for cosmetic labeling. To learn how to avoid missing any important details on your product packaging, we will discuss further how to correctly label cosmetics.

Statement of Identity

All cosmetics must be sure to include a Statement of Identity. This is always displayed on the front of the packaging as part of the Principal Display Panel (PDP). The Statement of Identity should include the official product name, followed by the common name. For example, a lotion would first show the brand name in bold, followed by the common name “lotion.” This complies with FDA regulations, as it makes the product clear to the customer.

Net Weight

Generally, the Net Weight should be placed on the bottom third of the PDP. It also needs to be parallel to the base of the package. The net weight is the exact weight of the product, not including the weight of the packaging. This informs the consumer of the exact amount of product they are purchasing. It is important that the Net Weight is set apart from any other text on the PDP, so the consumer’s eye doesn’t miss it.

Ingredients List

When investigating how to correctly label cosmetics, including every ingredient on a list under the information panel is one of the most vital details. The information panel should be on the outer box or wrapper, or on the container if there is no outer packaging. The list of ingredients should be laid out in order of the heaviest to lightest ingredient and should be described by their proper or technical name. Any quantity of drugs or alcohol in the product must be listed as well. To ensure consumers can read the information, the font shouldn’t be smaller than 1/16″.

Manufacturer’s Name and Address

This can also be shown on the information panel, as it’s another important part of the product’s identification. It can vary a little depending on the business type. For example, list the company name and business address if your company manufactures and packages the cosmetic product yourselves. Companies that partner with separate manufacturers and distributors, however, will need to list those company names and addresses.

Warning Statements

Many cosmetic products need to have warning statements to prevent any possible health hazards the product might present to a consumer. It must be clear and obvious to find on the label. Many people may have severe reactions and allergies to certain ingredients in cosmetic products. Therefore, companies must have a good label design, as well as the best equipment such as printers and label printer rewinders to ensure all the information is laid out well and printed in clear quality.