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Reasons Your Business Should Bring Label Printing In-House

Reasons Your Business Should Bring Label Printing In-House

If you are producing any kind of products, then you may already know that labeling is a crucial component of a business. Many companies, big and small, choose to use pre-printed labels from outsourced manufacturers, but this option presents several disadvantages. It is much more practical for companies to switch to in-house printing. Learn why by reading these reasons your business should bring label printing in-house.

Costs Reduced per Label

When you choose to print your labels through an outside source, you come up against disproportionate expenses for different order sizes. Often, businesses order smaller batches of labels from manufacturers for personalized items, seasonal changes, and limited products. Unfortunately, the cost for ordering a small batch is often in line with the cost of a larger one. Most label manufacturers have a minimum purchase quantity. You end up paying more for less or produce more than you need. If you invest in an Epson color label printer or a similar device, you can print any number of labels you need, saving you a significant amount of money.

No Production or Shipment Delays

It is not uncommon to suddenly run out of labels mid-production. If this happens through your label printing source, you face production shutdown, as you have to wait a certain amount of time for the manufacturer to print a new batch of labels. This means a delay of sales and shipments, which hurts your business. This may also result in paying for express deliveries. If you are printing in-house and run out of labels, you can quickly and easily order more.

Manage Urgent Changes

Another one of the important reasons your business should bring label printing in-house is to make last-minute changes easier to handle. If something on the label must be changed after receiving a massive number of pre-printed labels in the mail, you will be in a bind. Typing errors, recipe changes, or even a sudden rebranding could cause a label change. The labels you just had pre-printed are now useless, and you must buy new ones. With your own printer, you can conveniently alter anything that needs to be changed on the labels, saving you money and time that wo wasted waiting for a new label order.