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What to Include on Cleaning Product Labels

What To Include on Cleaning Product Labels

When creating labels for cleaning products, it’s good to make them appealing to the eye to entice customers. It’s also important to include all the necessary information a cleaning label needs. A label needs to have sections that explain what cautions must be taken, the product’s ingredients, how to store the product, and the directions for use. Read more on what to include on cleaning product labels.


As with most products, your cleaning product needs to include ingredients on the label. It’s can be a safety precaution as certain ingredients can be dangerous if they touch other ingredients from different cleaners. Also, customers may have allergies to various ingredients, so they need to be able to avoid them.

Cautionary Information

Cautionary information on your label includes any specific guidelines for safety. Most cleaners will need to have “keep out of reach of children” and “avoid contact with eyes” written somewhere on the label. It should also have specific instructions for what to do if someone didn’t follow those rules. Consider other features of your product. Should the user wear rubber gloves? What should they do if it gets on their skin? Does it need to be used in an area with good ventilation? Include these guidelines and also put them in color so they catch the reader’s attention. A commercial color label printer is an excellent resource for that.

Directions for Use

Another important aspect of what to include on cleaning product labels is directions for use. This section is not about safety like cautionary directions. It is about how to use the product most effectively. It’s good to list the instructions step-by-step so the customer uses the product right and will be more likely to buy it again.


Instructions for how to store your cleaning products are also important for safety as well as effectiveness. Certain products should not be kept around other products. Also, some products fare better if kept in specific temperatures. Be sure to include those temperatures and any other cleaning products it should not be stored nearby.