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The Advantages of Short-Run Label Printing

The Advantages of Short-Run Label Printing

Many businesses rely on different types of labels, whether for products or shipping. There are several ways to print these important labels. They are commonly printed in large quantities or long-run jobs. Short-run printing, however, is a special option that features several benefits, especially for companies that are looking to save money or require labels in small quantities. For the advantages of short-run label printing, read below.

Changeable Label Design

One of the benefits of using short-run label printing comes from digital printing. Digital printing eliminates the use of color plates. This allows the designs of labels to be changed quickly for little to no additional cost. Sometimes, label designs need to be redesigned. This can stem from a change in the company’s logo, changes in label information, or a need to resize text for those with vision disabilities. Many factors make a label change necessary.

Solutions for Emergencies

Of the advantages of short-run label printing, this one is one of the most helpful to companies. When companies need an order of printed labels, they often come in high quantities for a lower price. However, companies sometimes run out of labels or underestimate the amount they needed. Then, they are potentially stuck having to make another full order of a large number of labels. Short-run label printing is a solution to this. You can order a lower amount of labels at an affordable price that will ship to you fast.

More Cost-Effective

Short-run label printing is more cost-effective, especially when done digitally. As mentioned above, a digital label press machine or printer does not use printing plates. This means you can eliminate setup costs as well. While operating a digital press can be more expensive than a conventional press, that usually only applies for long-run printing. It is much cheaper for short-run print jobs. If you will require mostly short-run jobs, printing digitally will save you more money long-term.