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The Importance of a BS5609 Label Certification

The Importance of a BS5609 Label Certification

Companies that transport goods overseas are required to display specially certified safety labeling on their products. According to British Maritime Standards, companies that transport their products through international waters are subject to and require BS5609 certification. There are several specific reasons that a company may need this certification. Here, we look at the importance of a BS5609 label certification.

It Ensures the Protection of Sea Life and Ecosystems

Cargo always runs a risk of being mishandled or falling off a ship. The risk of losing items overboard is especially high when they are transported across rough seas. Items such as chemical jugs, hardware, and industrial products require warning labels with a BS5609 certification. If a drum of hazardous chemicals is lost overboard, for instance, this certification ensures the label will remain attached, intact, and legible until a crew recovers the item. If spotted, a crew can easily identify and retrieve the item, lessening the amount of pollution and destruction to our waters and sea life.

It Protects Workers from Hazardous Exposure

Safety is a major concern when it comes to the importance of a BS5609 label certification. Workers on freighters that transport hazardous items are at a higher risk of exposure and injury, especially if the product does not possess proper labels. BS5609 certification includes multiple steps to test identification and warning labels, ensuring that the labels remain intact and legible, so workers always know what they are dealing with. The certification confirms that the labels are made in such a way that they can not only withstand saltwater, sunlight, and temperature changes but also are resistant to abrasion.

It Holds Companies and Producers Accountable

When a company goes through the necessary steps of ensuring that their labels are BS5609 certified, it shows that they are serious about following international safety regulations. This also ensures companies have the right equipment, including proper label printers that allow the production of full-color labels that will withstand marine environments. For businesses looking to print in house, it can be helpful to search around online for this kind of color label printing equipment from different retailers to make sure the equipment meets the correct standards.