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Tips for Designing Labels for Household Cleaning Products

Tips for Designing Labels for Household Cleaning Products

Designing the label for a household cleaning product is extremely important, not only from a marketing standpoint but also from a safety standpoint. The label on such products should not only catch the eye of consumers but should also ensure they’re well aware of the materials and chemicals used to create the product. As such, there can be quite a fine line between style and substance when designing the label. Allow the following tips for designing labels for household cleaning products to serve as a guidebook to creating labels that are equally informative and eye-catching.

Provide Instruction

Not all cleaning products are intended for the same purposes. In fact, there are many types of cleaning products that should only be used for one specific purpose. Improper use of said product may add more damage to the item you were trying to clean in the first place. Your label should provide as much instruction as possible on how to use the product. Begin by specifying the types of materials or surfaces that the cleaning product can be safely used on. This information should be clearly displayed on the front and back labels for the product, as it will ensure that the product is never handled incorrectly. You should also specify the method with which the product should be used. Some cleaning products can be sprayed directly on a surface, while others should be applied to a rag or sponge first. It’s also highly beneficial to include pictures or diagrams on the label for further clarification on how to use the product.

Be Straightforward

Customers like to know exactly what they’re getting when they purchase a product. This is indeed the case for household cleaning products. As such, one of the best tips for designing a label for household cleaning products is to be as straightforward as possible. The label should clearly express not only the purpose and methods of use, but also the ingredients present in the product. Many household cleaning products rely on a mixture of chemicals to achieve their sparkling clean finish. While such chemicals are combined in a way that ensures they will not be harmful to touch, they may still be dangerous to ingest or inhale. Clearly denoting the presence of such chemicals ensures the safety of your customers at all times.

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