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4 Tips for Creating Labels for Canned Goods that Sell

4 Tips for Creating Labels for Canned Goods that Sell

When businesses begin designing their product labels, it’s not uncommon for them to overlook the importance of packaging shape. Although it may seem like a small detail compared to color, typography, and illustrations, the final shape of your product could significantly affect a customer’s perception of your merchandise.

Businesses that sell cylindrical products commonly struggle to design labels for their products. However, developing professional and simplistic packaging for canned products is easier than most companies assume. Here are our top four tips for creating labels for canned goods that sell.

Add Texture

Selling a unique product is vital for any business. However, since canned goods all have a similar molded shape, these products can easily blend together on shelves. If your company struggles to create a label that draws customers’ attention, consider adding more texture to your packaging.

Details such as a fabric topper, twine wrapping, and ribbed edges can help make products look more personal and distinguishable.

Use Shape To Your Advantage

Although designing a label for canned goods can be challenging, there are also plenty of advantages. Companies can use the shape of their canned goods to inspire unique designs. For example, brands can create illustrations or details for their labels that use the entire space of their products. Using the shape of your labels to elongate designs will help naturally draw customers’ attention.

Utilize Specialty Labels

Finding a clear and concise design to include information on canned goods can be difficult. The cylindrical shape of these products can often make important information harder to read. If your business is concerned about creating a label that provides enough space for clear, legible labels, consider using specialty labels instead.

Specialty labels offer additional features that make printing information easier. For example, dry-peel labels and fold-out labels are both specialty materials that provide more label space to display health, safety, and product information.

Invest in a Bottle Label Applicator

Our best tip for creating labels for canned goods that sell is to use a bottle label applicator. Sometimes, the most challenging part of creating a design for canned goods is the actual printing process. The shape of canned goods can create several hurdles when calculating the dimension and application of these labels. Fortunately, companies can invest in bottle label applicators to make this process more straightforward and efficient.

Although designing and printing labels for canned goods often requires extra thought and consideration, businesses can use this product shape to help make their brand more distinguishable and memorable. For more resources regarding label design, printer accessories, or digital label printers, browse Texas Label Printers’ website.