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6 Tips for Buying the Right Label Printer for Your Business

6 Tips for Buying the Right Label Printer for Your Business

When your business produces its own labels, it’s vital to ensure you’re using printing equipment that guarantees high-quality and professional designs. Product packaging is often the first impression customers have of your company. Unfortunately, when businesses attempt to save costs by using low-quality printers, customers often perceive these labels as hard to read and unprofessional.

The best way to guarantee customers have a positive first impression of your products is by investing in an industrial label printer. However, finding a high-quality label printer for your business is not as simple as it may sound. Since every company has different printing needs, finding equipment that best matches your business means considering several concerns for cost, customization, and efficiency. In this blog, we’ll assist your search for new equipment by sharing six tips for buying the right label printer for your business.

Tip One: Consider the Cost Per Label

Printing can quickly add up in expenses if businesses do not maintain control over their label printing process. One of the best ways to ensure that printing does not eat into the majority of your company’s budget is to invest in a cost-effective printer.

What Makes a Printer Cost-Effective?

Many owners and managers make the mistake of assuming a cost-effective label printer is a cheap label printer. Unfortunately, this thought process could not be further from the truth. Instead, cost-effective printers are high-quality equipment that has a low cost per label.

What Is the Cost Per Label?

When a printer has a low cost per label, this means that the price of a printer’s ink multiplied by the estimated monthly volume of labels is low. Even if companies pay a higher fee upfront for an industrial label printer, the amount of money saved by estimating a low cost per label will significantly cut expenses.

Tip Two: Printer Compatibility Is Key

Printers with high compatibility can efficiently work with different printing accessories without any installation hassle.

For example, if you own a brewery, an Epson Color Label Printer is compatible with a bottle label applicator to help place logos on cylindrical products.

With so many available accessories to make printing more efficient, companies must consider which accessories and printers will create the most productive work environment.

Printing Accessories That Increase Productivity

  • Bottle Label Applicator
  • Label Roll Unwinders
  • Label Roll Rewinders

Tip Three: Printing Resolution Matters

Perhaps one of the most vital components to search for in a label printer is high-resolution printing. Equipment that produces labels with high resolution will look more professional, more legible, and more eye-catching to customers. When labels have visible pixilation, the typography and color of products are all compromised.

As your business browses through different label printers, check for additional information regarding a machine’s printing resolution. This will guarantee your labels have a clear, polished, and professional composition.

Tip Four: Choose Between Inkjet vs. Laser Printers

Before starting your search for new printing equipment, it’s crucial to identify whether your business needs an inkjet or laser printer. Although choosing between these machines may not seem important, inkjet and laser printers follow two very different printing processes. Review how these two printing methods are alike and different below.

How It Works: Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers use standard ink cartridges to spray and print ink onto product labels. These printers can include features such as high-resolution printing, full-scope CMYK colors, and more. However, inkjet printers that use dye ink are sometimes more susceptible to UV-ray damage. If your business sells products exposed to harsh weather climates, your company may want to consider inkjet printers that use pigment ink.

How It Works: Laser Printers

Instead of using ink cartridges, laser printers melt printer toner onto labels. This printing process is considerably faster than inkjet printing and can be cost-effective with a low cost per label. However, while laser printers usually have a lower cost per label, they are typically more expensive upfront than inkjet printers.

Also, laser printers may not always print images with the same level of detail as inkjet printers. Laser printers will be a better investment for businesses with large orders of durable labels for minimalist product packaging.

Tip Five: Account for User-Friendliness

Another tip for buying the right label printer for your business is considering your employees as you search through different equipment. Although finding the latest-high tech printers can be beneficial, it’s essential to acknowledge whether your staff can easily use this machinery.

If employees are confused about using updated printing equipment, they are more likely to make mistakes while using these label printers.

The more printing errors employees make while figuring out new equipment, the more internal damage equipment will collect over time. Companies can prevent these issues by searching for equipment that is user-friendly for much of their staff.

Tip Six: Consider Water Resistance and Durability

If your company’s products require durable labels that are resistant to water damage and abrasions, it’s vital to search for a color label printer that meets these needs.

After labels are applied to products, this merchandise is likely to be exposed to wear and tear as it travels from manufacturers to stores. Businesses can prevent their products from looking damaged or weak by producing water-resistant, UV-resistant, and abrasion-resistant labels.

Plenty of inkjet and laser printers offer advanced features and finishes to ensure that labels are protected against external environmental stressors. As you browse through equipment, keep an eye out for machinery that guarantees these advantages.

Although there are many factors to contemplate before investing in a label printer, it’s crucial that companies review each of these components. Product labels are often a customer’s first impression of your business, which means finding the best printer for your company can make or break a sale. Having incompetent printing equipment can also highly impact your workplace morale and productivity.

Corporations can avoid these issues by looking over our six tips for finding the right label printer for your business. If you’re ready to browse through new printing equipment, Texas Label Printers has a wide variety of professional inkjet and laser printers.

We offer some of the best printers and printing accessories to help your company design high-quality and memorable labels. To search through our products or learn more information, check out our online website.

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