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How Product Labeling Can Help Support Your Company’s Brand

How Product Labeling Can Help Support Your Company's Brand

Your product labels are a significant opportunity to market your brand the way it needs to become consistently recognized by your target consumer. There are many ways you can use your product label design to further promote and sell your company’s brand. Learn how product labeling can help support your company’s brand by reading below.

Product’s Shelf Appeal

Product labels are very useful for grabbing the consumer’s attention and providing them with important information on the product. With such high amounts of the same products being sold by different brands, it’s important that your product label stands out. The right label design should call to the target consumer while also staying consistent with your brand. If your product evokes the idea of fun and silliness, use a funny cartoon in the logo. If the product is masculine and serious in tone, you want to make a label with a more no-nonsense design.

Conveying Your Brand Through Label Material

Beyond the graphics that you decide to use on the product label, consider the material that your label is made of. The choice of label material will impact the mood and overall message your brand gives off. If you’re trying to create a brand that values being eco-friendly, you can reflect that by using a label made from a natural-fiber stock. A smooth, matte material will suit a brand of high-end products. Consider a metallic label for a brand aimed at having a new-age feel.

Recognition of Color

One of the most significant examples of how product labeling can help support your company’s brand is color choice. One of the main ways that consumers recognize a brand is its colors. Colors actually increase brand recognition by 80 percent. Certain company icons don’t even need letters to identify them if they have recognizable colors. Choose the colors that will represent your company brand when designing your official logo. You must be consistent with using these colors on every piece of branding. Product labels are an important example of this.

Core Values of Your Brand

Any kind of core values that your brand stands for should be clearly displayed on your product labels. All specific policies and values you stand for need to be constantly in view every time the consumer sees your product. This is how they’ll remember this important information about your company. If your brand is eco-friendly, you should reiterate that somewhere on the label. If you want to be associated with wholesome family values, you should make sure that is present on your label as well.

Individual Product Branding

Individual product branding is equally as important as branding your entire company. Each product should have its own identity that falls in line with the company’s brand. For instance, brewing companies often have individual graphics for each type of drink they offer. Each product should have a label designed to make it stand on its own.

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