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Product Packaging Trends in 2021 to Consider

The package design has always been a concern when trying to market a product. Current trends for product packaging not only cater to visual appeal but also practical use. It’s still important to remember that the package is the first part of your product the consumer will see. Learn about the product packaging trends in 2021 to consider by reading below.

Packaging That’s More Protective

There’s been an increasing need for product packaging to be more protective in recent years due to people being able to get items delivered right to them. While this is attributed to several products that can be ordered from online stores, there’s also a rise of people ordering more carry-out meals and getting groceries delivered rather than going out shopping themselves. Some packaging is designed to offer the product further protection from damage, while some are including abilities to limit viral exposure. When designing a package for 2021 products, you’re wise to go with designs that will offer strength for long shipment periods to protect the product.

Using Porous Materials

While there have been different reasons for practical functions when it comes to packaging design, the use of porous materials in product packaging has become a recent one for a specific reason—COVID-19. It’s been found that porous materials don’t allow the virus to survive nearly as long as on solid materials such as plastics. More cartons, containers, bags, and product labels are constructed of porous materials such as cardboard and mycelium mushroom packaging. Using porous material as often as possible is making it possible for more companies to limit the time the virus can last on the packaging, and consumers are ultimately more likely to support a business that values this.

Reassuring Brand Messaging

The previous year has seen high spikes in anxiety, depression, and overall stress. Businesses are trying to lend a hand to minimize this by using more reassuring brand messaging. Many are implementing marketing psychology by promoting products with labels that show how the product aims to solve consumer problems. Logos for product labels are often designed with soft colors and even calming words to appeal to many people’s need for stress reduction.

More Sustainable Materials

One of the major product packaging trends in 2021 to consider is the use of sustainable packaging materials. Companies are recognizing more and more how much consumers value businesses that are working to be more environmentally conscious. The mushroom-based packaging mentioned above is becoming a more widely used alternative to Styrofoam. Additionally, labels can be made out of paper stocks that are biodegradable. Even some beverages are being marketed in biodegradable cartons as opposed to plastic bottles.

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