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Tips for Attracting Your Target Audience with Packaging

Tips for Attracting Your Target Audience with Packaging

How you design your product labels and packing can have an affect on consumer draw. You can design it in such a way that it creates appeal to your specific target consumer. There are several elements on labels and packaging you’ll need to consider and how they’ll speak to the consumer. For some tips for attracting your target audience with packaging, read below.

Color Choice and Structure

Think about how certain types of colors cause people to react. Bright colors will grab a person’s gaze immediately. If your brand is supposed to be high-energy and exciting, you’ll want vivid colors to draw in consumers who are attracted to that kind of energy in a product. The colors also must align properly with the message of your brand. Think of what the different colors can evoke. Orange, for instance, can evoke warmth and joy, while green evokes nature and relaxation. Don’t forget to think about the packaging structure as well. Certain packaging shapes will draw a consumer’s eye in the same way colors do. If you choose something bold and unusual, it might be enough to make it stand out from all the competitors.

Appeal to Consumer Values

Certain consumers hold specific values. You can appeal to these values in your product packaging and labeling to draw those consumers to your product. For instance, if your product is sold on the basis of being and organic alternative, such as a cosmetic or a food product, consider using recyclable material for the label and packaging. Using a minimal design can convey your product is organic and pure. Those who value conservation , purity, and sustainability will pick up on your brands message easily upon noticing this. If you’re marketing a luxury product, consider using a material on your label or packaging such as silk, leather, or a paper stock that’s appealing to the touch.

Consider Your Target Consumer’s Lifestyle

Another of our important tips for attracting your target audience with packaging is to remember your target audience’s lifestyle. Will they be shopping in the stores or online? If they shop in the store, they will be drawn to products with multi-sensory packaging. This involves packaging that has not only visual appeal, but also appeal through touch and scent since it’ll be right in front of them. Also consider your consumer’s age range. Those who are parents might prefer packaging and labels that emphasizes durability, dependability, or efficiency. Those in the millennial range are geared towards practicality, so go for something that’s small, promotes portability, or is minimalistic. Labels with larger print are great for a consumer who values practicality when it comes to reading and understanding product information.

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