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Why You Need To Create Label Proofs

Why You Need To Create Label Proofs

When having your labels printed, it can be difficult to fully picture what the final product will look like. Several questions may run through your head. Will the coloring look correct? Will it match with the product as well as I thought? Does the design work with the material? All these questions can be answered through label proofs. They provide many ways to show you if your label choices are what you envisioned. Learn here, as we look further at why you need to create label proofs.

It’s Your First Time Printing

Label proofs are a necessity, especially if you are new in the business and you are having your first labels printed. If you are printing an order for the first time, its easy to be apprehensive about how your final labels will look. Proofs are designed to help show you layouts, colors, text, and anything else you want to make sure looks correct.

You Might Change Printers

If you are changing printers, it will be important to check with proofs since every printer prints differently. For instance, if you are switching over and your labels will now be produced by an afinia label printer, the color might look different than how you pictured it because the printer uses a type of ink that varies from your previous printer. Different substrates can also have different effects.

You Need to Check the Layout

Getting a clear look at the layout of your label design before it is finalized is another one of the reasons why you need to create label proofs. A digital PDF proof is a type of proof meant specifically for examining layouts. These will not be an accurate representation of the final colors or quality, but they allow you to check that everything is in the right place. Also, they are usually the last chance you have to make any necessary changes or corrections.

Get a Preview of the Final Printed Product

A press proof is an advanced option to check your label design, which will specifically allow you to get an idea of the final colors, text, and material. It will cost extra money, but this proof will give you a chance to see what your label will look like before you must pay for the full print run. You can also have the proof laser-cut to exact size from the specific material the final label will be made of.