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How to Avoid Labeling-Related Recalls

How To Avoid Labeling-Related Recalls

Mislabeling products or finding errors in printing means paying for costly label recalls. These recalls not only cause company costs but also hurt a business’s credibility to customers. Whether through technology or human error, mistakes are always bound to happen. However, proactively preparing to correct natural errors will prevent your business from paying unnecessary costs. To learn more about how to avoid labeling-related recalls, read our guide.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Errors in labeling can often stem from mechanical malfunctions in printing equipment and label makers. For example, a damaged ribbon inside printers can sabotage an entire batch of labels by printing unorganized and ineligible content. In order to avoid these printer defects, it’s essential to invest in the right equipment to keep your label printing effective, efficient, and modern with the latest technology.

Using up-to-date products such as label roll rewinders will improve your printing organization and allow your business to print more labels at once. Avoiding label recalls doesn’t need to mean halting the productivity of your printing process. Investing in the right equipment to organize and optimize your label making will prevent mechanical failure and reduce mislabeling.

Schedule Routine Inspections

In order to avoid labeling-related recalls, routine and consistent inspections must be put in place by businesses to catch mistakes before they’re printed or sent with products. It’s common for companies to have manual and random inspections; however, these checks do not adequately prepare businesses to avoid mislabeling.

Automatic inspections should be run through a digital report to scan equipment for possible hardware or software malfunctions. Manual assessments from supervisors and managers will also help in catching common human errors. Scheduling daily, weekly, and monthly inspections will significantly reduce printing errors and save enormous costs in label recalls.

Clarify Content

When customers read a label that doesn’t match a product’s contents, confidence in a company is significantly lost. However, putting the wrong label on the wrong product is an incredibly easy and common mistake. Whether through mechanical or human error, mixed batches of labels can easily cross on a facility floor and lead to random labels stuck on random products.

To avoid mislabeling messes such as these, it’s crucial to put safeguards in place to separate and organize label placement. Designated stations to check that the contents of products match with product labels should also be added to avoid recalls. Finding more opportunities to guarantee labels are accurately placed on products will make your business more vigilant and efficient.

The time your business spends on ordering printing equipment, scheduling routine inspections, and clarifying content will save the greater price of a label-related recall. More importantly, these safeguards will strengthen customer’s confidence in your products.